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What is an LED Bulbous vesicle

Release time:2023-08-23 11:14:17      Clicks:111

LED bulb is a new energy-saving lamp that replaces traditional incandescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent lamps (tungsten filament lamps) have high energy consumption and short lifespan. In a global resource constrained environment, their production has gradually been banned by governments around the world. As a result, electronic energy-saving lamps have replaced them. Although electronic energy-saving lamps improve energy efficiency, they use many heavy metal elements that pollute the environment, which goes against the trend of environmental protection. With the rapid development of LED technology, LED lighting has gradually become the best choice for new green lighting. LED is far superior to traditional lighting products in terms of luminous principle, energy conservation, and environmental protection.

technical characteristics

The LED bulb adopts existing interface methods, such as screw and socket (E26 E27 E14 B22, etc.), and even imitates the appearance of incandescent bulbs to conform to people's usage habits. Based on the unidirectional emission principle of LED, the designers have made changes to the lamp structure to make the light distribution curve of LED bulbs basically converge with the point light source characteristics of incandescent lamps.

Based on the luminous characteristics of LED, the structure of LED bulb is relatively complex compared to incandescent lamps, which are basically divided into light sources, driving circuits, and heat dissipation devices. The joint cooperation of these parts can create LED bulb products with low energy consumption, long lifespan, high light efficiency, and environmental protection. So LED lighting products are still high-tech lighting products with high technological content at present.

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